Campaign for SRV

During the summer of 2015 SRV, one of Finland’s largest building contractors, organized a campaign to secure funding for it’s large construction operations. We designed the visual look and materials for web and print.

Most important individual object of work as the marketing brochure, which was produced by a task group consisting of Agenda, communications agency Tekir, SRV, and the responsible banks.

Founded in 1987, SRV Group Plc is a publicly listed company. It has a revenue of approximately EUR 700 million and employs a thousand people. In addition to Finland, SRV is active in St. Petersburg and Moscow, as well as in Estonia.


Designer's comment

“The project was done during summer, which meant that the task group was divided to different locations. Together with a demanding schedule, this meant that the project was challenging. Due to the very professional work of all parties, the project was a success.”

Anssi Kokkonen, Agenda Helsinki